October 2015


The Passing Game. Shown on the cover of this edition of NavNews, it is just one of the many activities at our “Navigator Sports Day.” Every year we bring together some of the students we help, and those staff and volunteers who are doing the helping, for a day of soccer, Captain’s Ball, relay races and other competitive events. This year, 280 came from 5 universities, 3 polytechnics and our teen ministry… a hundred more than last year! (You’ll see the group on the right) Why do this? For fun, but also to help the students see that what God is doing in Singapore is bigger than what is happening on their own campuses and schools.

What is God doing in Singapore? Actually, another type of passing game. This one involves bringing the Good News to people, and then giving them the motivation and skill to pass it on to others.

When Jesus told the original disciples to “make disciples of all nations,” He didn’t imagine that they would do it all by themselves! No, the only way the job could be accomplished was if those original disciples passed on what they knew to others, who would then pass on what they knew to others, who would then … Well, I think you’ve got it! In this issue, you’ll enjoy reading the stories of some of our Navigators who are committed to this all important passing game.

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