Missions 2019

Who We Are

God is a sending God. As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus sends His disciples into the world to share the Gospel with every nation. Missions is on the very heart of God. That is the reason God brought The Navigators into existence and gave us our calling “to advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling among the lost.”

The Navigators is a Worldwide Partnership and Singapore Missions is part of the Partnership reaching people in over 100 countries worldwide. The Missions Department is headed by Tan Jee Long and his wife, Lydia. Both are long-term Nav missionaries to East Asia for 25 years who ministered in the marketplace and ran business as missions. Prior to returning to Singapore in 2017, they served in the East Asian leadership team and are responsible for the work in a key city there.

What We Do

God blessed Singapore’s Nav with many faithful labourers through fruitful campus and community ministries. We believe God calls some to go overseas to serve in cross-cultural ministry. Our role is to come alongside with them and to enable them to fulfil God’s calling in their life as life-long cross-cultural labourers.

Missionary or Cross-Cultural Labourer

A missionary is one that is sent to a people group to bring them the Gospel. A cross-cultural labourer is effectively a missionary in today’s millennial context. With a heart for missions first, they can go in the capacity of social work volunteers, teachers, students, professional workers or business owners living among the lost. Like Abraham, they choose to be cut off from their roots, people and culture in order to reach the lost by living among them and bringing the message of the Good News to them.

How Do I Get Involved

GO ON SHORT-TERM MISSION TRIPS (2 weeks to 6 months):

It provides exposure to the Nav work in different cultures and countries, so one can experience first-hand the work and life of a missionary.

GO ON A MID-TERM TRIP (6 months to 2 years):

It includes working alongside another Nav missionary to gain in-depth cross-cultural lifestyle and ministering experiences. At this stage, one would discover if long-term missions is God’s plan for their life.


After having been evaluated and accepted to join a missionary team in the Nav Worldwide Partnership, a long-term mission assignment begins with a term of four years.

About Funding

While we encourage all to exercise faith to raise funds to support their needs, there are programmes to provide funding wherever it is needed, either partially or fully. As Hudson Taylor put it, we believe that “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” Our principle is that no one should be hindered from responding to God’s call because of finances.

Where We Have Been

Over the years the short-term mission trips and the “100-50-2” Missions initiative have seen fruition amongst our Navigator Worldwide Partnerships. Some of our overseas partnerships include 11 countries in two continents, and counting:

• India • Indonesia • Japan • Korea • Malaysia • Philippines • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam • Myanmar • West Africa •

Where Do I Start

If you have been serving with a Nav ministry for some time and feel God prompting you towards a cross-cultural experience, approach your ministry leader or email us below. Your ministry leader will be able to guide and recommend you to the Missions Department.