The NavTeens

Who We Are

The NavTeens is the youth ministry of The Navigators Singapore, an apostolic multicultural partnership raised by God to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom through generations of labourers in disciple-making.

The Navigators began in the 1930s through the call of God to a young Californian, Dawson Trotman. The Navigators came to Singapore in 1962. The NavTeens was formed in 1973 to serve the needs of the growing Christian youth community, which consisted of teenagers in secondary schools, polytechnics and tertiary institutions. Over the years, we have expanded into a vibrant youth ministry with over a hundred teenagers and 30 voluntary youth workers.

What We Do

We help teenagers in their growth as “total persons”, engaging them in meaningful activities which will contribute to their spiritual growth. TNT helps teenagers navigate through the transition from teenage to adulthood and assist them in forming sound values and system beliefs, with a strong foundation in their faith.

During this transition, the teenager has to deal with physical, emotional and mental changes. They will make some of their most life-changing decisions during these years.

Their beliefs and values will usually be shaped during this time. They will need a compass to guide them. We believe that a living relationship with Jesus Christ is that compass.