December 2015

I trust you have enjoyed the preceding stories about two young disciplemakers, Daniel and Felicia. But don’t think that disciple-making is just for the young! Recently one of our staff, Yap Kim Meng, told the rest of the staff about one of his neighbors, James Kang. Fifteen years ago James’ wife, an airline Chief Stewardess, died unexpectedly in her sleep. He was left to raise three young children, the youngest being only 10 months old. James was a Christian, but for the next five years he struggled, changing jobs many times. Finally he settled on being a taxi driver as it gave him more time to spend with his children.

Kim Meng happened to be leading a Bible study for taxi drivers at the time, and he invited James to join. Kim Meng also taught James how to memorize verses. That was when James first began to really understand the Bible and his faith. As James says,“Everyone gave advice. But nobody took time to teach me the Bible slowly and clearly apply it to my life.” James decided to teach the verses he was memorizing to his children. He encouraged them to read the Bible every night before they went to bed. Now, all three of his children are active in church, leading and helping others. James says life still has its challenges as he juggles two jobs now … full-time storeman and part-time taxi driver. But he still meets with Kim Meng and another man for Bible study and prayer. “I am grateful to the Lord that I have a neighbor who explained to me, slowly and clearly, the Bible.” (To hear James tell his story, check out James Kang, Navigators Singapore on Youtube)

James Kang sharing his story

James Kang sharing his story

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