December 2014

Dec-2014My father owned a small sailboat when I was a boy.  Sailing with him on the lake near our home, I quickly learned that waves were caused by wind.  The more wind, the bigger the waves, which is why I tried to avoid sailing with him on days when high winds were forecast!


The vision of the Singapore Navigators is “a new wave of disciple-makers for Singapore, Asia and beyond.”  For this “new wave” to occur, what is needed?  Many things, but ultimately, the “wind” of the Holy Spirit.  (John 3:8)  And it appears that the Holy Spirit is at work.  People growing spiritually confirms it.  Growing numbers confirm it as well.  Let me explain.


Five years ago we adopted “growth indicators” for our ministries.  These indicators are the progressive steps that a person needs to take (from Convert, to Growing Christian, to Basic Disciple, to Ministering Disciple) in order to become a Disciple-maker.  Each step has certain characteristics.  For example, one of the characteristics of a Growing Christian is that “they are assured of their salvation.”  Knowing these characteristics is a great help when one is trying to disciple another.  Following our example, if I am trying to help a new convert grow, I know that one thing I need to do is to help him or her become assured of their salvation.


Each year our ministries have determined the number of people at each step within their particular ministry.

DM-Final    webTotal-final

This year we combined the information from each ministry and put it in charts. (See above).  Do you see the wave forming?  How exciting!


This wave is made up of real people with real stories … a businessman experiencing forgiveness of sins for the first time, a teenager learning to control her temper, a university student recognizing the deceitfulness of pornography.  Each person in this wave of God’s making is a story of His patient, loving grace. Read these powerful testimonies of God’s amazing grace in NavNews December 2014.


Rejoice with us in this growing wave.  And rejoice with us in the hundreds of lives and stories of grace that it represents.


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