Yap Kim Meng

Yap Kim Meng has been on staff with The Navigators, Singapore since 1984. He has a passion for disciple-making and leading people to encounter Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. One of the burdens the Lord has placed on Kim Meng is to build on the strong foundations of disciple-making in Singapore, to raise up ‘spiritual generations of labourers who will live and disciple among the lost,’ locally and among the nations. His desire is that every person in the ministries of the Singapore Navigators will lead and serve in their respective ministries with eyes singled to God’s glory.  The motivation and end goal of The Navigators ministries is for the Glory of God and God alone.

December 2018

December is here! As 2018 draws to a close, we are grateful to the Lord for enabling and empowering us throughout the year. We are also keenly and deeply aware...

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November 2018

Desmond Hong, our office administrator, and I were in Nairobi, Kenya from 2-5 October for the inaugural Africa Administrators’ Forum. It involved 14 African countries, Singapore and USA with a...

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October 2018

Imagine a world map. Now imagine a world map twice the size of a badminton court. Further, think of a map with the geographical area of the top 10 most...

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September 2018

Admittedly, when we share the Good News in Singapore these days, it no longer feels like the “Good News”. It seems like whoever we share with has heard it before...

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August 2018

We had our second annual Labourers’ Day on 21 July and what a fantastic day it was! The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather, great fellowship and enriching discussions as...

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July 2018

Dear Navigator Friend, Thank you for your faithful giving and prayers. As we enter into the second half of the year, we in The Navigators Singapore are thankful for the...

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May 2018

The year has moved fast and we are almost halfway through! We are grateful to the Lord for overseeing the Kingdom work beyond the shores of Singapore. We have been...

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April 2018

Together with my good friend, Mok Chok Sun, we took the stage on Saturday 14 April for a Gospel outreach event, “2Gs Lunchbyte—GIVE Thanks and ForGIVE”. We shared our personal stories of how having Christ makes all the difference in these two areas of our lives. Only the Gospel of Jesus can truly give us the power to forgive and be forgiven. Thanksgiving flows out of a forgiven soul.

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September 2016

The “Hedgehog Concept.” This is something management author Jim Collins refers to in his bestseller, “Good to Great.” Collins says that the fox uses many strategies in its attempt to make a meal of the hedgehog, but in response, the hedgehog has only curl up in a ball so that only its sharp spikes are protruding, thus always frustrating the fox...

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June 2016

I lead a Bible study for men. It’s a lively group … lots of laughter, and an occasional tear. Our pattern is to discuss a chapter from the “LifeChange Series,” then share prayer requests and pray for each other. At our most recent study, after finishing the discussion, we moved as usual into prayer requests. One of the men said that he was feeling somewhat dry in his relationship with God. Immediately I thought, “I wonder how his Quiet Time is?”...

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